3 Ways Free Images Websites Can Boost Your Online Marketing Activities

//3 Ways Free Images Websites Can Boost Your Online Marketing Activities

3 Ways Free Images WebsitesAnimal images are unique and essential for creating emotions. Every human has some connection with a particular animal. Either they keep them as pets or admire their traits. In this essence, using their images on your site can help you grab your audience attention and boost your traffic. However, accessing the images is not a walk in the park. Particularly, when you live in a country with strict rules on animal protection, you may need some letters to take a picture with them.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, you can now access and download animal pictures for free. But where can you do this? Here are the top three sites for downloading animal photos for free:


Pexels is a leading free photo stock. The platform allows you to download all kinds of animal images ranging from the big five, the cat family, hare, and rabbits, to pictures of pets and other domestic and wild creatures. Another good thing about the photos from this source is that they are licensed under the creative commons (CCO) licenses. Hence, you are free to download them and use them for both personal and commercial purposes.

Again, the platform eases your picture selection by providing you with a search option. As such, you do not have to scroll through the pages looking for images, all you need is to identify the animal whose picture you are looking for, type it on the search bar, and you will be good to go.


The next place for obtaining free animal pictures downloads is Pixabay. Like Pexels, this platform allows you to search for the type of animal image you want to download. However, the platform offers you a chance to choose the color of the picture, orientation, size, and type of image you want. You can either go for photos, images, vector graphics, or even illustrations. Also, you can conduct a safe search if you fear to download virus contaminated images.


The other platform for obtaining free animal pictures download is on Morguefile. The site offers you an option to go with the rest by selecting most liked images or taking your own way through choosing a picture that you like. Again, you have an opportunity to create a personal reference by liking images that interest you most both on the Morguefile platform and its affiliate photo stocks. This way, you make it easy for you to choose images in your next blog post without repeating the entire search process.

And those are the top three sites for downloading animal pictures for free.

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